Mystical Principles

We wish to express our gratitude for The Infinite Way and the principles which have been revealed through the pages of its books. This list is called Mystical Principles because we share here those Infinite Way principles we are currently working with as well as the joys and discoveries we have made while walking the path.

Occasionally we bring in quotes or comments from other disciplines, but these are generally to enhance or help explain the current principle we are working with. Actively promoting another path, when not asked for by any members, is not appropriate.

Also, try to limit your posts to three or four a day so that others are not overwhelmed by the volume of emails they have to sort through each day.

Please try to keep these general guidelines when posting. The moderator reserves the right to disallow inappropriate posts, and will be glad to explain privately.

If you are new it is suggested that you read some of the archived posts to get a feeling of what we are all about.

God is closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, but have we the consciousness of this or only the words? These words in and of themselves are not truth and the thinking about them or the reciting of them will not make them a living breathing demonstration in our experience. It is when we relax back into the words while in meditation that we experience that moment of Peace which springs into our awareness from the WORD as a feeling of the Presence behind these words.

God is always present in the consciousness of those who are conscious of Its presence.

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